Introduction and Goals

Hello fellow bloggers! My name is Max Zemke, I’m a 15 year old baseball loving young adult who loves to ballhawk at minor league and the occasional major league game. This will be my first full season ballhawking. I just happen to come upon it late last year and had a pretty successful couple of months. 

I will be attending most of the games at Cooley Law School stadium, home of the Lansing Lugnuts (single-A affiliate of the Blue Jays) with an occasional game at Dow Diamond or Fifth Third BallPark and possibly a Tigers game?! I ballhawk with my little brother, Sam, who is 14, and my cousin Cole, who is 10. 

So, here are my goals for this upcoming season:

1.) Snag a total of 50 baseballs this year. (MLB and MILB combined)

2.) Record at least 1 double digit game.

3.) Snag at least 2 game home run balls. This could be tough considering Cooley Law School Stadium is unusually large for a minor league stadium.

4.) Visit 2 new minor league stadiums, hopefully South Bend and Fort Wayne and snag a couple of balls at both of those.

5.) Blog about every game I attend this year.


Thanks for looking at my blog and stay tuned for a game recap coming within a week or so.